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Learn about food production with fast growing agaricus mushrooms

Growing kits for schools and educational organisations

<p>Meadow Mushrooms is excited to offer our new expertly hand-crafted growing kits to schools and educational organisations. Our kits contain a mushroom farm, growing instructions and recipe ideas. Teaching resources are also available separately.</p> <p>These amazing mini-mushroom farms will enable children to see mushrooms growing first-hand and help them better understand the relationship between growing and eating as our mushrooms will double in size overnight. Children can learn to pick and cook their harvest or eat them fresh from the box. As our kits are pre-prepared, mushrooms should grow within a few days, and once mini-mushrooms appear the results are super quick which is why they make a fantastic example of farm-to-table and help to retain attention before it is lost. Meadow Mushrooms have a limited number of kits to be distributed each year, that can be applied for using the forms below. Our ambition is to ensure we have a fair coverage across the country and ages so everyone has a chance to receive a kit. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will share your mushroom journey with us too.</p> <p><strong>How to apply</strong>? Enter your details on the form below to apply for a kit to be sent to your organisation.</p> <p><strong>Then what happens</strong>? Each week we will select from applications, then will contact the school/centre to arrange delivery. If you don't make the first draw you will stay on the list.</p> <p>Please note our kits are <strong>NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE</strong> and distribution is currently limited to schools or educational centres as an aid to help young people understand and learn about food production and preparation.</p>

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