Large Portabello

Brown portabellos are brown button mushrooms that have been left to mature. This develops their flavour and gives portabellos their distinctive flat shape. They can be eaten raw, but also add a stronger mushroom flavour to cooked dishes. Their size and richness makes them perfect as the main element of a meal, in vegie stacks and burgers, or stuffed and roasted. Like all mushrooms, Portabellos are rich in selenium and the B vitamin group - a 100gm handful will give you 100% of your daily vitamin B7 needs, 33% of selenium, and 61% of niacin.


Vitamin B2
29% RDI
Vitamin B3
61% RDI
Vitamin B5
27% RDI
Vitamin B6
19% RDI
Vitamin B7
102% RDI
33% RDI