A unique must try breakfast experience?

When we heard there was a local café not only winning hearts with their breakfasts, but serving divine mushrooms too, we had to check it out and this is what we found....

Meadow Mushrooms Local Food Heroes

The wet day didn't deter us from our visit, there were mushrooms to be had, and a new-fangled thing called a "sous-vide egg". Uncommon opened in 2017 with aspirations of bringing a Melbourne style café to Christchurch, with fine food and presentation to impress. They soon gathered followers not just through their food but the wonderful imagery, which was appearing on Instagram that seemed to resonate with audiences seeking more than an average ‘fry up’ for breakfast and somewhere new to visit in the City.

Our first breakfast plate was 'For The Dads' a tasty, decent fill featuring chorizo, bacon, and mushrooms with sough dough and some crispy smoked feta croquettes - I was expecting Haloumi, but they were crispy and creamy none-the-less. I opted for scrambled eggs and it was a tasty fairly classic breakfast with good quality ingredients and flavour.

Our other plate was 'Fungi on toast’, which was tasty and hearty. Portabello, black mushroom puree, walnuts, goats cheese foam, a slow poached egg and some wholesome toast. Their 'slow cooked' eggs are an interesting twist and one that my companion diner was not too taken with. However, I know others who adore them, so it really does come down to personal taste but they are definitely worth a try.

There was a steady flow of customers and I should add that whilst we have focussed on the breakfast they also have various other dishes, cabinet options and an impressive selection of especially chosen cakes and treats. If you haven't been to Uncommon yet I would recommend it, you will get quality ingredients plenty of goodness to keep you going, good coffee and a bit of visual impact to wow your companions.

They are located on Tuam Street on the fringe of the CBD and open Monday to Friday 7am – 3pm, and 8am – 4pm on weekends.

Do you have a ‘local food hero’ in your neighbourhood we can tell people about?

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