Pies for the holidays

This month's feature 'local food hero' is Patrick's Pies @ Gold Star Bakery

Meadows Local Food Heroes: Patrick's Pies

Pies are a kiwi intuition and it's hard to imagine how one man can perfect this kiwi-craft to acquire a swath of 56 awards including 5 supreme awards! That’s a 20 year pie passion worthy of experiencing. Frequently recognised for an even, crisp and flaky pastry and generous fillings including mixes such as cajun chicken, bacon and spinach, to classics like bacon and egg or mince and cheese. Not to mention our picks - the ever-popular steak and mushroom or Lam's creamy bacon, mushroom and cheese pie which has twice been awarded best pie in New Zealand.


If you are visiting Tauranga or Rotorua these holidays make sure you give them a try.



Have you caught up with the Patrick's Pies or tried the 'Creamy bacon, mushroom and cheese'?

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Do you have a ‘local food hero’ in your neighbourhood we can tell people about?

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