Tapas for Summer

This month's feature 'local food hero' is Barulho in Parnell

Meadows Local Food Heroes: Barulho's bite-sized delicacies


Tapas is one of those things that pop in and out of favour, but even with the fantastic plethora of culinary delights we have to choose from, who can deny the idea of a few light plates on a hot summer day feels like a great idea!
With an ever changing menu you may just be lucky to experience delights such as our favourite - empañadas with smoked mushroom and beef (can you guess why?). Owners, Sarah and Nico's mix of handmade delights draw from Nico's Uruguayan heritage and Sarah's broad European experience, adding seasonal produce to authentic flavours and creating just the right atmosphere to keep you coming back for more. They have larger meals as well as tapas and entrees and their alfajores (South American type of shortbread sandwich cookie) have already become famous!



Have you tried the tapas yet or had any other mushroom delights at Barulho??

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