• 11.09.17

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Love NZ soft plastic recycling programme

Meadow Mushrooms is proud to be supporting the soft plastics recycling scheme funded by the Government and run by the Packaging Forum.

Mushroom lovers are encouraged to recycle plastic film from Meadow Mushroom pre-packed mushrooms, by dropping it in to the collection bins which are available at supermarkets around the country.  Click to open the store finder.

Soft Plastics

Recycled soft plastics are then processed and used to make products such as bollards, benches, park benches, garden products and fitness circuits for playgrounds.

Mel Rushton, Meadow Mushrooms Marketing Manager says "We will continue to investigate options for biodegradable film and opportunties to support appropriate research toward it, but in the meantime this is a really positive step to help reduce plastic waste".

Both the bags from Meadow Mushrooms bagged mushrooms and the film from Meadow Mushrooms pre-packed mushrooms can be placed in bins for recycling.

To learn more about the scheme, visit www.recycling.kiwi.nz/solutions/soft-plastics