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Press Release: Meadow Mushrooms bring Summer to life

Summer is definitely here and so is the time we spend with friends in the sun, eating delicious healthy food and generally enjoying long warm evenings. For some reason, being healthy in summer seems to be that little bit more important than any other season of the year and Meadow Mushrooms definitely had this in mind when they launched the new summer inspired punnets filled with healthy fresh mushrooms and inspiring meals ideas.

Need some new Summer meal inspiration? Introducing Meadow Mushrooms latest international themed inspiration packs...

New Zealanders are a great bunch of people with a really nice mix of nationalities and cultures which have enviably resulted in some exciting globally inspired dishes now adorning menus around the country. To support this theme, Meadow mushrooms decided they would provide summery international meal ideas through a set of fresh new on pack labels.

  • White Sliced - Vietnamese Bánh mì- mushrooms
  • Swiss brown - Spanish Tapas - mushrooms
  • White button - Japanese Sushi Bowl - mushrooms
  • Large portabello - American Burger - mushrooms

Mushrooms will always add stunning flavour to any meal and of course are incredibly healthy packed with b-group vitamins and selenium as well as being the perfect low fat, gluten free go-to food this summer for salads. Mushrooms on the barbeque or added to your tapas sharing plates with a side dollop of aioli – what could be better.

The Meadow mushrooms new on pack labels will easily guide you to with ways to enjoy each type of mushroom with a delicious international dish - White button mushrooms for sushi bowls, swiss brown for tapas, the convenient sliced white mushroom for banh mi and of course the large portabello is scrumptious added to a yummy burger.

Take a look at our latest recipe editions here so you can taste your way round the world this Summer -

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STOCKIST DETAILS: Meadow mushrooms are available at all major supermarkets and produce stores nationwide.

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