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Press Release: Meadow Mushrooms take your tastebuds on a world tour

Whatever the dish and your taste, mushrooms are the perfect companion

So, Whats for dinner? Introducing our latest inspiration packs

By mid-afternoon, everyone starts to think about what’s for dinner? Meadow mushrooms are keen to help answer that age-old question with the launch of their new limited edition international series pre-packs! This month we are celebrating New Zealand’s diversity of nationalities and cultures and to do this, they have created some fantastic new on pack labels with international meal suggestions. 


Swiss brown - Korean Bibimbap - mushrooms

White button - Chinese Dumpling - mushrooms

Large portabello - Mexican Tacos - mushrooms

Small Portabello - French Galette - mushrooms


Mushrooms are amazing versatile vegetables and will always add stunning flavour to international dishes including tacos, dumplings, bibimbap or delicious French galette. Meadow Mushrooms want cooks all over New Zealand to be cooking with friends and creating these stunning meal ideas, so get out there and kick it with Korea, become mates with Mexico, chums with China and friends with France. Traveling overseas can be all about the joy of tasting the delicious food of the country you are visiting, but look no further than your local supermarket for that international cuisine inspiration.

The Meadow Mushrooms new on pack labels will easily guide you to use the correct type of mushroom to create that delicious international dish. White button mushrooms are perfect for dumplings whilst swiss brown will add the amazing flavour that is necessary in traditional Korea Bibimbap. 

If you have never attempted a Koren bibimbap, our recipe with Swiss brown button mushrooms will allow any first timer the ability to deliver a true taste sensation. And of course, we all love tacos, so next time it’s ‘Taco Tuesday’, why not try some yummy portabello’s wrapped in fresh corn tacos - a delicious a meal in every mouthful.


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