• 30.08.16

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Meet your new Meadow Mushrooms!

Meadows is excited to bring you our delicious mushrooms, now better dressed!

Our 'beaut new packs are sure to win a few hearts with their new meal inspiration labels. As well as their their product info you'll find the inspiration you're looking for for dinner, whether its to be a pasta night, a stir-fry evening or time for some hearty mushroom sauce to liven up your meal.

The Meadow Mushrooms pre-packed product range of - white button mushrooms, swiss brown button mushrooms, small portabello mushrooms, large portabello mushrooms and white sliced buttons - have all been transformed into 'inspiration packs' with simple meal ideas on each. Plus delicious serving tips and more meal ideas in case you have a change of mind.

Recycled carboard, biodegradable packs help maintain freshness and quality and now feature simple recipes on the base. We have transformed our health messages into snappy little infobites all over the punnets to help remind you just how good Meadow Mushrooms are for you. We also include a nutritional information panel on all the packs to showcase that our products are low in fat, sodium and calories, contain no sugar or gluten but are high in selenium and B vitamins 2,3,5 and 7.

Find yourself a little inspiration with Meadow Mushrooms, now available in supermarkets and stores across the country.