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Meadow Mushrooms Local Food Heroes: What's one step better than mushrooms on toast?

This month's feature 'local food hero' is Toastie Bros, Auckland. Found at local markets and events around the country or available for private functions. Famous for their legendary cheesy toasted sandwiches...

Meadow Mushrooms Local Food Heroes: Toastie Bros, for Gourmet Cheese toasties

Who doesn't love the crispy, cheesy habit that us Kiwi's call the toasted sandwich? This is definately a staple in my household and whilst we experiment with many a variation I'll admit you can't go wrong with Toastie Bros. Their divine combinations will satisfy your hunger, your palette and theres no goeyness to clean up at home!

We have picked their delights to highlight as our local food hero as we were so impressed with their mushroom menu contribution - Sautéed creamy garlic mushrooms, truffle oil, a cheese blend with fresh rocket all bundled on white sourdough - need I say more. You definately need to try this. I have had many a conversation that "Yes, you can use mushrooms in sandwiches" and I think this toastie confirms this (along with the Bánh mì recipe we recently added to our website).

It's always hard going in with such a build up - from reputable foodies too I might add - but do you know what, I wasn't disaapointed, and I even been back for more! I am not a coffee drinker, but I hear they have great coffee through my partner (official coffee provider to NZ Fashion week doesn't come easy) so I am sure that won't dissatisfy either. Mushrooms on toast may be one of the things they have become famous for, but never fear there is something for everyone in a relaxed, but not sleepy, simple atmosphere with fun staff.

For more information, to hire or contact them there is a number on their website and you can check out their menu too.


Have you caufgt up with the Toastie Bros truck and tried the 'The Mushroom Bro'?

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Do you have a 'local food hero' in your neighbourhood we can tell people about?

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