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Meadow Mushrooms Local Food Heroes: The BEST mushrooms on toast in Auckland

This month's feature 'local food hero' is Dizengoff, Ponsonby Road, famous for their legendary mushrooms on toast...

Meadow Mushrooms Local Food Heroes: Dizengoff café for excellent coffee and superb breakfasts

Rearing from Christchurch, and working for a mushroom company I couldn't escape the frequent mentions when visiting Auckland of the ever popular Dizengoff. "Have you been" they would say "have you tried their mushrooms", "they have the best mushrooms in toast in Auckland" and so on. This is a pretty BIG claim so of course I had to try them.

It's always hard going in with such a build up - from reputable foodies too I might add - but do you know what, I wasn't disaapointed, and I even been back for more! I am not a coffee drinker, but I hear they have great coffee through my partner (official coffee provider to NZ Fashion week doesn't come easy) so I am sure that won't dissatisfy either. Mushrooms on toast may be one of the things they have become famous for, but never fear there is something for everyone in a relaxed, but not sleepy, simple atmosphere with fun staff.

  • They are open from 6:15am Monday to Sunday, till around 4pm
  • Contact them on 09-360 0108 or Check out their menu here
  • 256 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, 1011
    • How to find them:

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