• 07.04.17

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The NEW Chef's Choice - Twice as tasty

Meadow Mushrooms are exicited to present their new Chef's choice packs, now available at a supermarket near you!

Introducing Meadow Mushrooms Chef's Choice...

Packed with b-group vitamins, selenium and potassium these new pre-packs contain 50% Meadow Mushrooms tasty white button mushrooms and 50% small portabello's. Our traditional white buttons bring familiarity to the pack whilst the addition of our flavoursome portabello's bring a plethora of of recipe opportunities.

Hand-picked into our biodegradable punnets to help keep your mushrooms fresh. You can find our new packs in supermarkets around the country from April.

Marketing Manager Mel Rushton said "These packs provide a new way to introduce New Zealand consumers to portabello's, plus a handy way to keep a mix of fresh mushrooms ready for any meal".

About Meadow Mushrooms

Meadows is a 100% Kiwi owned family business which started with a passion for mushrooms in Canterbury in 1970. They are proud to be a sustainable producer of beautiful food and dedicated to ensuring quality, locally grown, hand harvested product reaches Kiwi plates across the country.