BBQ Mushroom Recipes

Adding mushrooms to your BBQ repertoire doesn’t have to be complicated, just remember to pick up a pack when you are getting your supplies. A punnet keeps for a few days or keep them loose in a paper bag. Mushrooms are quick and easy to cook on the grill and packed with flavour. You can also brighten your table by adding corn, capsicum and zucchini or try some haloumi or prawns too, mmm.

To get you started here are a couple of recipes from our collection, plus we share our all-time favourite BBQ mushroom recipes from online. For more inspiration, scroll down to peruse our selection of quick and tasty, BBQ mushroom recipes from Pinterest and you’ll really start to get hungry! We’ve included a couple of simple safety tips for you too – because who wants to upset your guests!

More great summer recipes…

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Top 5 Food Safety Tips

Most food poisoning visits to the hospital happen in the summer due to bad BBQ'n try these tips to keep your guests safe.

  1. Always remember to wash your hands, and wash again, particularly if handling raw meats
  2. Marinate food in the fridge, not the pantry to control the temperature
  3. Keep raw food separate. Never put cooked meat back onto the same dish you used for marinating. Always use a clean serving dish or plate after cooking.
  4. Have TWO pairs of BBQ tongs, one for uncooked meat and a another pair for cooked meat to avoid cross-contamination
  5. Cook food thoroughly – you don’t want your guests to leave with anything other than happy memories!

Our Favourite Summer BBQ recipes

Mushrooms are the ultimate accessory to the kiwi-summer!
Lift your summer entertaining from our top selections below to make the best BBQ ever!