Burger Recipes

Burgers are the king of the BBQ! Make them extra filling and extra tasty with a juicy portabello. From Al Brown’s blue cheese combination, to layered in a American style cheeseburger with beef and bacon check-out our latest burger recipes below.

For more ideas, we share our top 6 mushroom burger recipes including a peach combination and Pete Evans ultimate burger is not to be missed. Scroll down to find out what other divine combinations we spotted on Pinterest. Or check-out our to do list for the pre-party prep to help keep you super organised.

More great summer recipes…

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Getting Organised – The Pre-event prep

  1. Glaze and marinade the night before to maximise flavour – this could include haloumi, meat or mushrooms
  2. Create and toss salads and have them ready to go in bowls (add dressing just before serving)
  3. Slice any cheese/vege/meat/fish required ahead of time and have it all ready on trays
  4. Pre-cut bread for hot dogs and burgers.
  5. Soak wooden skewers ready for the bbq.
  6. Prepare as much as possible before your guests arrive
  7. Check you have enough gas/charcoal/starters.
  8. Get your BBQ utensils, clean trays, paper towels and oil at the ready
  9. If people want to bring things, suggest side dishes/nibbles
  10. Get the party lights up to make it look cheery and festive
  11. Position snacks away from the cooking if you wish to prevent guests congregating in the kitchen or around the grill
  12. Setup a ‘drinks station’ to encourage guests to help themselves
  13. Set up some outdoor games/activities to keep the kids occupied.
  14. Test your BBQ or get the charcoal heating and you are ‘Ready to roll’!

Our Favourite Summer Mushroom Burger Recipes

Mushrooms are the ultimate accessory to the kiwi-summer!
Lift your summer entertaining from our top selections below to make the best burger ever!