Kebab Recipes

Kiwi’s love kebabs and the options are endless! Add a little ‘kerbang’ to your kebabs with fresh mushroom for flavour, added nutrition or to help feed the non-meat eaters at your next event. Below are a selection of the kebab recipes from our site plus some top tips for marinating.

We have also pulled out our all-time favourite mushroom kebab recipes from sites around the world we would love to find out yours, feel free to share on our Facebook page. PLUS scroll down to peruse our selection of super-yummy, summer ready kebab recipes from Pinterest.

More great summer recipes…

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Top tips for marinating

  1. Extra virgin olive oil isn’t the best for marinades, as it burns and smokes on contact with the barbecue. Instead use light olive oil, or vegetable oil instead and save the extra virgin bottles for your salads and sauces.
  2. Cover food tightly to marinate and use non-reactive containers such as glass, or stainless steel.
  3. Before placing on the barbecue grill, rub or shake off any excess marinade, particularly if there is any oil in it, to prevent burning or flaring and the consequent smoky bitter flavour.
  4. Season with pepper if marinating overnight, but not salt. Only add salt if marinating two hours or less or add just before barbecuing.

Our Favourite Summer Mushroom Kebab Recipes

Mushrooms are the ultimate accessory to the kiwi-summer!
Lift your summer entertaining from our top selections below to make the best kebab ever!