Salad Recipes

Things have evolved from 80s kiwi-classic of iceberg, tomato and condensed milk dressing… so to keep you inspired we share a couple of the recipes from our collection. But you can make a salad as complicated as you like – stick to the iceberg but try some raw sliced mushies for texture or try something new from our favourite mushroom salad recipes pulled together from around the internet. If you are still looking for more ideas, why not look at the pins from our Pinterest board below to start the New Year off in a world of healthy salad ideas. We’ve also added a few other menu ideas to help get you through the summer season.

More great summer recipes…

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Summer Menu Ideas

  1. Homemade burgers are great on the bbq, add a protein, seasoning, a good dollop of relish, then greens. Easy.
  2. Don’t forget the grilled veggies - Corn on the cob is great, you can try it with a variety of butters/flavours, zucchini, mushrooms and capsicums also grill up well
  3. Potatoes in foil – these bring back fond childhood memories. Par-boil first then set in the coals/by the grill. To serve, criss-cross open the top and add a dollop of sour-cream.
  4. BBQ flatbreads – for something new, why not try some simple flatbreads on the bbq, there are lots of recipes about and they only take a couple of mins on each side for fresh grilled bread.
  5. Seafood – sometimes we focus on the sausages when there there is some great local seafood such as mussels and salmon that make a nice change
  6. Some other non-meat options include Tofu skewers, haloumi, or meat patties made with vege based mince, or vege based sausages
  7. Don’t forget the sweet treat – provided you have a cleaned bbq or a spare side free, grilled fruit such as peaches, apples, or pineapple and be nice with a little granita or ice-cream

Our Favourite Summer Mushroom Salad recipes

Mushrooms are the ultimate accessory to the kiwi-summer!
Lift your summer entertaining from our top selections below to make the best salad ever!