Tapas Crumbed Mushrooms With Romesco Aioli

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Prep Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 10 mins


Romesco Aioli

  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 cup rice bran oil
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • ½ mild red chilli, finely chopped
  • 4 small marinated red peppers from a jar or deli


  • 1 cup breadcrumbs
  • ½ cup manchego cheese (or parmesan), grated
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • ½ tsp each sea salt & pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 500g Meadows Swiss Brown Mushrooms, halved
  • ½ cup vegetable oil


  1. For the aioli process the garlic, salt and egg yolks in the small bowl of a food processor until well combined. With the motor running slowly add oil through the feed tube, processing to form a thick mayonnaise. Add the lemon juice, chilli and peppers and blitz quickly to chop and combine. Cover and refrigerate until required.
  2. On a plate combine the breadcrumbs, manchego, paprika, thyme, salt and pepper.
  3. In a separate shallow bowl whisk the eggs.
  4. Dip each mushroom in the egg mixture, then fully coat with the breadcrumb mixture.
  5. Heat vegetable oil in a frypan over a medium-high heat. Cook mushrooms in batches until golden brown, turning half way through (about 5 minutes). Drain on a paper towel.
  6. Serve warm as part of a tapas platter with your favourite combination of parma ham, chorizo, baby peppers, olives, just-cooked asparagus, hard cheese and crusty bread.


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